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As an actor, I've considered consuming everything and anything (nowadays referred to as 'content' by some) as part of my job for years. Thus, all my streaming subscriptions turn out to be a worthy “expense” come Tax Season. Let's be real, that is definitely one of the few perks of being a struggling actor who’s still waiting tables in their mid/late-30s.

But long before I had the balls to call myself an artist of any sort, I was just an average, voracious reader who spent countless hours at the local library, Barnes and Noble, and even in some Winn-Dixie magazine/book aisles. I loved getting lost in stories. From books, I graduated to television and films, music, and later on, podcasts, and now, sometimes even TikTok - because why not? I enjoy some blatant Chinese spyware blackholes to get lost in - and short-format storytelling can be fucking brilliant on any platform.

"Not Enough Time" was born from a seedling of an idea: Instead of just telling people I know or in person, or my IG Stories… why not do what I love to do, in another way? I trust my taste. I know my friends do. I might not be writing for The Hollywood Reporter or The New York Times, but who cares? I don’t even want to write for them. Aren’t we all kind of sick of critics who don’t sound like they actually enjoy their jobs or the work of others, so inevitably they write reviews that sound too pretentious and snarky or just boring AF?! I mean… there just isn’t enough time for that!

I want to write about all of this because I love it. (And maybe graduate from waiting tables in the process?! Shout out to the paid subscribers!)

I love sharing the things I love with... well, basically anyone.

Oh, and just so you know... I watch it all. (So yes, I will also be sharing my thoughts on the inevitable showdown that is coming… i.e. this season’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion. (Love Bravo. Even when I know I’m legit wasting my time with it.)

I’m also looking forward to hearing from YOU and creating a community together. I want to know what you’re loving. I want to be excited by what’s exciting you. I want to talk about all the crazy details of a film, tv show, book, or a podcast episode that had me laughing so hard I had to pull my car over! I want to debate. I want to laugh. I want to be moved to tears. (Yes, I love to cry.)

I want to connect.

The way you can truly connect over things like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Everything Everywhere All At Once, an old classic like Top Hat, the Huberman Lab (ladies, if you're not listening to this podcast, consider this your invitation to give it a listen—it's fascinating), or even, dare I say, The Real Housewives of Miami? Larsa, Babe, you've gotta put some of your knives away.

You can expect posts on Mondays and sometimes midweek. Or more. Some co-creation with my dear friends some of whom are also in the “industry” and to have a laugh. And maybe even learn something. Cuz I’m smart like that.

And yes, you can be sure I will waste my time, sometimes, so you don’t have to waste yours.

OR I might tell you something like, “This is arguably the best waste of your time, for real, but also life-changing - so don’t miss out!”

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While also supporting a female artist/writer/actor/waitress.

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Laksmi Hedemark

LA based actor/writer, I consume a lot of content. Some say it's a waste of time, but to me it's art, even when it's shit.